My name is Ksenia, I'm a commercial and editorial retoucher. I'm currently travelling around the world as a digital nomad, and I'll be glad to work with you as a freelancer on remote basis.
I started as a portrait and fashion photographer in 2012 and since that, I have been doing my own photography retouching. Over the years, I switched to doing just commercial retouching for different brands and companies. I specialize in portrait, fashion and beauty retouching but I'm ready to consider product retouching projects as well.
In my spare time I love exploring new places, visiting art galleries, and listening to popular science podcasts. I graduated as Bachelor of Arts in Saint Petersburg State University, Russia with major in cinema studies, and spent a semester abroad in Bard College, NY, studying film photography. 
Selected clients: Allergan Aesthetics, Rogaine, Skinfix, Specsavers, Manhattan Associates, Harry Rosen, Lexus, Nespresso, Pampers, Hallow Brands, Revcovi, Gardasil, DLU Lash University, Tricon Residential
Publications: Vogue Spain, IMIRAGE, Salysé, Féroce, BLounder, Elegant, Shuba, Picton, Philocaly